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Arkansas Stones

Supplier information

The Arkansas stones we are importing have filled a gap for an oil stone with the Scary Sharp Delux Kit. The Black Translucent Stone is expensive but does deliver an extremely polished edge that is truly frightening. The following information is from our supplier;

8" x 2" x 1" Dual Soft & Black ARK Sharpener/Wooden Box

This NEW (one) 1" THICK Novaculite Whetstone Sharpener is made up of (2) TWO 8" x 2" x 1/2" thick authentic Arkansas whetstones fused together. (1) One side is a soft novaculite stone for starting an edge on a dull blade. The other side is genuine black novaculite for finishing with a surgical quality edge. This two sided sharpening whetstone is TRUE Genuine Arkansas Novaculite mined ONLY in the Ouachita Mountains region of Central Arkansas. True Arkansas novaculite is considered to be the finest knife sharpening material in the WORLD! This Dual-Stone sharpener can put a superior quality edge on any blade. It measures a full 8" x 2" x 1" and comes in a BEAUTIFUL Hand Crafted Cedar or Hardwood Box. If you are looking for a SUPER Best Quality Novaculite dual-stone sharpener that will last a LIFETIME, this is it! Also, makes for a GREAT GIFT!

Arkansas Novaculite Black Translucent Knife Sharpener (1400 grit US / 12,000 grit Asian)

If you are looking for the ultimate ultra fine sharpening stone, these are it! These stones are ideal for sharpening straight razors or other blades that require a surgical sharp edge. They also make a beautiful heirloom quality gift with their American made, hand crafted, hardwood box

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Scary Sharp by Geoff Furborough
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you are handling blades which are becoming increasingly sharp.

For your own safety, it is important that you view our video before attempting any sharpening processes.

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