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Oil Stone Tips

In the past we recommended that the oil stone was to be soaked in a diesel and kerosene mixture. Pressure from people wanting to use oil stones, but not wanting the unpleasant kerosene-diesel mixture has forced us to look at alternatives.

Firstly cleanliness of the stone is critical. CRC Brake cleaner works well. As does water blasting the stone. The oil (aluminium oxide) stone cuts better the cleaner you keep the porous surface.

To lubricate the stone we are using turpentine or CRC or WD40 or canola oil. The oil stone we provide is used by the Silver Fern Farms Freezing Works chain. They are using a dishwashing liquid and water mixture, as lubrication, with good results. This is not our recommendation, but it is what they found gives good results. We are always experimenting. As a lubricant; we are currently trialling a 50/50 mixture of canola oil and turpentine. Initial results are good - turpentine by itself dries too quickly or falls off the oil stone surface. This oil/turpentine mix fixes this problem. Too thick an oil inhibits contact between the abrasive action of the stone and the blade you are trying to sharpen.

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Geoff Furborough

Tips for Wet Stone

Wet stones are very soft and sacrificial. The stone can be permanently soaked in water or immersed in water for 15 minutes prior to use. However when you come to use the finishing wet stone, although the...


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