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What people are saying about Scary Sharp

I have always had a passion for fishing and hunting and an integral part of these pursuits is a collection of sharp knives. I must admit I have always struggled to achieve the "perfect" edge on my knives, until I read about and purchased the "Scary Sharp" knife sharpening system.

I watched the videos and listened to Geoff's logical explanation of how it worked. It is simple and well constructed and I am sure my son will be passing it on to his son and it will continue to work just as well in the future as it does now. There are no weaknesses in the construction and no parts to replace, apart from maybe a worn out stone from sharpening thousands of knives.

Geoff is a great guy who is passionate about his product. He contacted me several times after I received the system to make sure I was happy with it and was only too keen to give me helpful advice with its use and answer any of my questions.

My wife even loves it as she has a draw full of "scary sharp" knives now in the kitchen. This now gives me another excuse to spend a bit more time in the shed "sharpening knives" instead of mowing the lawn! If you have always wanted the perfect edge on your knives, do yourself a favour and purchase one of the "Scary Sharp" knife sharpening systems, you won't be disappointed!

Brad Job
Fisherman and Hunter
Queensland, Australia

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Always be aware...
you are handling blades which are becoming increasingly sharp.

For your own safety, it is important that you view our video before attempting any sharpening processes.

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