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What people are saying about Scary Sharp

I have been using the precision scary sharp for some weeks now. If you had told me Geoff could improve on the original I would have taken some convincing.

The original is a fantastic tool but the latest version is a big step up.

If you have the "sickness" where no knife is ever truly sharp enough then Geoff may just have the cure for you.

The new model is still the tough beast its predecessor was. It passes the Furborough test (you can park your landcruiser on it).

One of the first changes is the clamping system. It allows the securely clamped blade to be rotated quickly and easily to allow each side of the blade to receive equal treatment with the stone. What is remarkable is the stability of the blade when locked in place. No wobble and no risk of it coming free. The amount of time it takes to sharpen a blade drops, as there is no need to reset the blade in the clamp with each rotation.

The next advance is the availability of three different positions for the clamp to allow three very different include angles to be created on the finished blade. This allows me to sharpen filleting knives to cleavers.

The final thing I'd like to mention is the fantastic Arkansas novaculite stones that Geoff can supply you with. These stones produce the finest edges and are a joy to use. They can be used with solvents, oils or water (if you are in the food industry). Go ahead treat yourself.

Grant H

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