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This Constant Angle Sharpening System makes that constant angle so easy.

Introducing the New 'Precision' Scary Sharp System

All the frustration and difficulty of maintaining the angle of incline between the knife blade and the sharpening stone, has now been made so easy to achieve with increased precision.

Precision Scary Sharp System Demo

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How did all this happen?


My life is full of guns, dogs and engineering. I own and run a small business, selling and servicing electric motors.
Sharp knives and guns have always been a passion.

There is too much myth with how sharpness is achieved. It is only...

  1. Engineering
  2. Geometry
  3. The quality of the stone
  4. The quality of the blade material

Geoff Furborough


We have a demonstrational unit set up permanently, anyone is welcome to bring in their own knives and try out the system for themselves.

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Scary Sharp by Geoff Furborough
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"Geoff is a great guy who is passionate about his product. He contacted me several times after I received the system to make sure I was happy with it and was only too keen to give me helpful advice...


Always be aware...
you are handling blades which are becoming increasingly sharp.

For your own safety, it is important that you view our video before attempting any sharpening processes.

Made in NZ

Scary Sharp - designed and manufactured in New Zealand