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A Big Step Up

I have been using the Precision Scary Sharp for some time now. If had told me Geoff could improve on the original, I would have taken some convincing...​The original is a fantastic tool but the latest version is a big step up. If you have the "sickness" where no knife is ever truly sharp enough then Geoff may just have the cure for you. The new model is still the tough beast its predecessor was. It passes the Furborough test (you can park your landcruiser on it). One of the first changes is the clamping system. It allows the securely clamped blade to be rotated quickly and easily to allow each side of the blade to receive equal treatment with the stone. What is remarkable is the stability of the blade when locked in place. No wobble and no risk of it coming free. The amount of time it takes to sharpen a blade drops, as there is no need to reset the blade in the clamp with each rotation. The next advance is the availability of three different positions for the clamp to allow three very different include angles to be created on the finished blade. This allows me to sharpen filleting knives to cleavers. The final thing I'd like to mention is the fantastic Arkansas novaculite stones that Geoff can supply you with. These stones produce the finest edges and are a joy to use. They can be used with solvents, oils or water (if you are in the food industry). Go ahead treat yourself.

Build quality

It's hard to believe now that there was ever a time I couldn't sharpen a blade. I realise I owe this success to you and your fantastic team. Prior to buying a Scary Sharp my efforts resulted in a lot of work, sweat and produced a blade that was so blunt it could only be used for cutting yoghurt or clubbing seals. To be fair though I am a soft Aucklander, so that might not be a surprise. Latte drinking and bagel eating is not much of a qualification for knife maintenance. I think though that this is possibly the greatest endorsement. If I can make a knife with an edge you can dry shave with you can only imagine what a real kiwi bloke could do! I wouldn't be surprised if they could split atoms. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the build quality. It was absolutely bomb proof. It was constructed of thick stainless steel with excellent welding. There are now three things that would survive a nuclear strike - cockroaches, Tupperware and the Scary Sharp. The clamping system held the knife completely still, which is vitally important as it quickly lost its yoghurt cutting edge in favour of something a little more terrifying. The fixed angle created by the Scary Sharp produces a reliable result every time. I love how the stone is mounted. It is secure and easy to run over the blade. It is so easy to use that I was able to create a very respectable edge first time out. It was great to be able to purchase some top quality sharpening stones from you. Try as I might I could not find any oil stones of any quality prior to making contact with you. Armed with a few stones of different grade I am able to take a very dull knife to a polished razors edge in minutes. What I didn't expect was the top notch follow up and advice as I was learning how to sharpen. I think it is great that you took the time to answer my questions and set me on the right track. Very often today when you reach a company you are talking to call centre in Mumbai. This was more like a chat with Barry Crump or Fred Dagg. An education and a good laugh!

My wife even loves it

I have always had passion for fishing and hunting and an integral part of these pursuits is a collection of sharp knives. I must admit I have always struggled to achieve the "perfect" edge on my knives, until I read about and purchased the Scary Sharp knife sharpening system. I watched the videos and listened to Geoff's logical explanation of how it worked. It is simple and well constructed and I am sure my son will be passing it on to his son and it will continue to work just as well in the future as it does now. There are no weaknesses in the construction and no parts to replace, apart from maybe a worn out stone from sharpening thousands of knives. Geoff is a great guy who is passionate about his product. He contacted me several times after I received the system to make sure I was happy with it and was only too keen to give me helpful advice with its use and answer any of my questions. My wife even loves it as she has a draw full of "scary sharp" knives now in the kitchen. This now gives me another excuse to spend a bit more time in the shed "sharpening knives" instead of mowing the lawn! If you have always wanted the perfect edge on your knives, do yourself a favour and purchase one of the "Scary Sharp" knife sharpening systems, you won't be disappointed!

Knives are now 'bloody' scary sharp

I work as a contract hunter in Fiordland for Te Anau DOC on deer eradication projects and my partner is a chef. Both jobs require sharp knives whether cutting out jaw bones for ageing or prepping food in a cafe. Both are hard on knives from bones and chopping boards. I can not sharpen a knife to save myself much to my partners frustration leading to the use of all sorts of sharping systems ending with a Lansky. Nothing worked well which cause constant resharpening. After seeing Scary Sharp mentioned on a NZ hunting forum I checked out your website showing a demonstration which lead me to buy your deluxe sharping kit. After watching your DVD I proceeded to sharpen my Svord and Giesser knifes and then the misses Global and Mundial knives. All I can say is you are right as in the knives are now bloody scary sharp. It was simple and quick for each knife. The chefs knifes have done 3 weeks now with only your steel to touch them up. Before that it was weekly and the edges were well in truly buggered. This is a great system and your instruction DVD is bang on. All I can say is Thank You!! You have restored my manhood ha ha.


We have a demonstrational unit set up permanently, anyone is welcome to bring in their own knives and try out the system for themselves.

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“Geoff is a great guy who is passionate about his product. He contacted me several times after I received the system to make sure I was happy with it and was only too keen to give me helpful advice…

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