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Scary Sharp Specifications

The Scary Sharp Export Kit

Specialist Stainless Steel Products Ltd has manufactured a sharpening system since 2011 with extensive research and development taking place over the last 10 years.

We now have a new upgraded version for sale – namely the ‘Export Kit‘.

The biggest advantage is both wide and narrow clamps are included in this kit.

Export Kit includes;

  1. Narrow clamp and wide clamp
  2. 1x Norton Combination Stone
  3. 1x Arkansas Combination Stone
  4. 1x Stainless steel upright frame
  5. 1x Steel
  6. 2x Hex keys
  7. 2x Spanners
  8. One set of shims (to set stones in stone holders)
  9. 1x Pottle of food grade grease
  10. One set of longer clamping screws (for sharpening thicker blades)
  11. Online Instructional Video
Scary Sharp export kit

(Not including Knife or bench)


We have a demonstrational unit set up permanently, anyone is welcome to bring in their own knives and try out the system for themselves.

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If you have any questions about any of our products, talk direct to the manufacturer toll free;

Scary Sharp by Geoff Furborough
Specialist Stainless Steel Products Ltd
30 Regent Street


View images and list of stones and prices here…


“Geoff is a great guy who is passionate about his product. He contacted me several times after I received the system to make sure I was happy with it and was only too keen to give me helpful advice…

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