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I work as a contract hunter in Fiordland for Te Anau DOC on deer eradication projects and my partner is a chef. Both jobs require sharp knives whether cutting out jaw bones for ageing or prepping food in a cafe. Both are hard on knives from bones and chopping boards.

I can not sharpen a knife to save myself much to my partners frustration leading to the use of all sorts of sharping systems ending with a Lansky. Nothing worked well which cause constant resharpening.

After seeing Scary Sharp mentioned on a NZ hunting forum I checked out your website showing a demonstration which lead me to buy your deluxe sharping kit.

After watching your DVD I proceeded to sharpen my Svord and Giesser knifes and then the misses Global and Mundial knives. All I can say is you are right as in the knives are now bloody scary sharp.

It was simple and quick for each knife. The chefs knifes have done 3 weeks now with only your steel to touch them up. Before that it was weekly and the edges were well in truly buggered.

This is a great system and your instruction DVD is bang on. All I can say is Thank You!! You have restored my manhood ha ha.

John Clark

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